Getting in shape was never so much fun.

Hashing is the best way to lose pounds.

The #1 way to start out your Saturday night.

How better to kick off the weekend than to have a bit of exercise and polish off some beers?

Join in the camaraderie.

Join like-minded people for a spot of jogging, beers and lots of laughter.

Welcome to the Colombo Hash House Harriettes.

‘The drinking club with a running problem…’

Our brand spanking new and shiny website is now online!

You’ll find updates on all events, weekly run directions, copious amounts of photo galleries and all other kinds of juicy info about us. This site is a work in progress and we will be adding all sorts of information and features as time goes on.

Join our mailing list to get up-to-date information, as well as the directions to each weeks’ run site.

Don’t forget to check out the About Us section to find out more about what makes us tick, our illustrious history and all about our Mismanagement Committee.

It’s not just about hashing.

Why limit your fun to just one day a week? We have regular meetups at pubs, restaurants and even awesome house parties. There are also so many other things you can do while you anxiously await the weeks run…

In the Events section, you’ll find a tonne of other activities you can partake in. Choose your adventure.

What are you waiting for?

You can find the Hash House Harriers all over the globe. Currently, there are more than 2000 active clubs with runs pretty much every day of the week.

Get legless
Have fun
Eat well
Get outdoors
Improve your health
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Hashing in Colombo

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